Biden Caught In Impeachment-Worthy Scheme

The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin just made a major callout of President Joe Biden for “passing the buck” on the critical investigation into the origins of the Wuhan COVID-19 viral pandemic.

Rogin, however, might not be aware of the extensive measures that the Biden administration took to avoid involvement in such a probe. The truth of the matter appears to be very significant to Biden’s credibility as a world leader.

Fox News reported that the Biden administration’s State Department actively shut down an open inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic’s origins, specifically investigating the question of whether or not the virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The Biden administration terminated the investigation, a probe which was initiated by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo under Trump.

An official at the State Department told Fox News that Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not actively disband the search for COVID-19’s origin, but that the sole contractor (David Asher) who was working on the case left the State Department before Blinken was confirmed. Afterward, the inquiry was closed due to concerns with methodology.

Asher spoke to Fox News and claimed that colleagues at the State Department were actively stifling the investigation and “playing down possible links” which would implicate “China’s biological weapons program.”

Old Joe might be in a great deal of trouble if he actively threw cover for the Chinese government in this matter.

Author: Pam Summers

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