Biden Can’t Escape His Shadow President — Not Even For a Moment

A poll study taken over a week ago was released on Monday and revealed that a majority of Americans think that people other than Biden are calling the shots in the President’s administration rather than Biden himself.

The national poll’s results were released by the Convention of States Action group with partnership help from The Trafalgar Group. The poll was conducted near the end of June and surveyed over 1,000 likely voters about their views on the upcoming midterm elections in 2022.

Key takeaways from the data show that 56.5% of Americans polled don’t think that Biden is fully carrying out the duties of his office, and only 36.4% believe that he’s responsible for directing all agenda and policymaking.

Broken down by political affiliation, 31.7% of Democrats think that Biden isn’t behind the wheel, compared with 83.6% of Republicans and 58.4% of Independent voters.

Mark Meckler, President of the Convention of States Action said that former President Lincoln’s famous quip about not being able to “fool all of the people all of the time,” seems especially relevant today. He said that today more than ever the public needs transparency from the administration about the true mental and physical health of the elected leader, and added that both party leaders from Congress should be seeking just that information. Meckler added that the failure of government to ask “hard questions and demand real answers” of the executive is disgraceful.

The poll arrives shortly after comments from an Obama-era White House Doctor, Ronny Jackson, who now works in Congress representing Texas. He said last weekend that based on what he sees, he believes that Biden is showing signs daily that “there is something going on.”

Jackson continued by saying that it takes “no physician” to see the bleak health of the President, stating that “there’s something concerning happening.” He added that while Biden’s had his blunders and gaffes for well over 40 years, something different is happening now, “he’s confused, he’s disoriented.”

While Jackson points out that there are some centenarians who can still be “sharp as a tack,” there’s also people merely in their 60’s who already exhibit cognitive decline. Jackson claimed that he thinks Biden is on the latter “end of the spectrum.”

Author: Kathleen Stone