Biden Cabinet Blames Florida Condo Collapse On Republicans

There’s a saying that when you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

On Tuesday, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm pronounced that the tragic collapse of the south Florida condominium, which claimed the lives of at least 16 individuals and has left 150 others still missing, was caused by climate change, and so of course, Republicans are actually at fault.

During her CNN interview, Granholm agreed with a reporter that suggested that climate change was responsible for the building’s collapse, saying “seas are rising… not just in Florida… so this…phenomenon…will continue.”

Granholm, former governor of Michigan, then shifted the topic to President Biden’s controversial infrastructure plan, bolstering it by saying that the investment in green energy will slow climate change and thereby prevent future incidents of just such disasters.

But critics of Granholm have pointed out that climate change had nothing to do with the condominium’s collapse. If it were related to rising seas, why have none of the neighboring condos faced a similar fate?

While the exact cause of the collapse may not be known definitively for months, initial reports show that there were existing structural problems with the building prior to it’s collapse which were responsible for the incident.

As the New York Times reported, engineers reviewed surveillance footage that captured one perspective of the building’s collapse, showing a “slumping” and shifting at the base of the structure near the parking garage, followed by the collapse of a vertical set of columns that precipitated the rest of the building’s avalanche-like destruction.

Engineer Donald Dusenberry told the New York Times that the failure appeared to him to be a fault in the base of the structure unlike a higher-level failure which would have resulted in a “pancaked” failure from the top level.

Structural Engineering Professor, Evan Bentz of the University of Toronto weighed in, stating that the “simplest explanation” is a failure at the base of the structure since the columns in the basement which are responsible for holding the structure up clearly failed.

Tragically, the residents of the condo were already aware of the damage and the building’s association approved a $15 million repair plan just months before.

Author: Vince Coleman