Biden Breaks Federal Law — Patriots Take Him To Court

For the first time in history, a group of federal ICE officers and local sheriffs are bringing a joint suit against the standing president of the United States and the Department of Homeland Security under his direction.

On Thursday at Galveston, Texas’ federal district courthouse, a lawsuit was filed by a joint group of Texas sheriffs, counties, and an association of ICE officers, against President Joe Biden and the current leadership of DHS. The extraordinary action is driven by harsh and extraordinary consequences that directly stem from Biden’s immigration policies.

ICE officers and sheriffs point out in the suit that the Biden administration willfully violated three federal statutes which require that illegal aliens be detained and removed from America’s border. On February 18, 2021, the defendant, Alejandro Mayorkas, set a policy that prevented ICE officers from removing or detaining illegal aliens in spite of the mandate of federal law which says that those aliens have to be detained and removed.

All that’s requested by the plaintiffs is that the federal court require of the Biden administration that they follow the existing law and permit ICE officers to perform their duties.

The legal complaint explains that ICE officers have been denied permission from their superiors to carry out their jobs by taking custody of multiple dangerous illegal aliens. Under the Biden Administration, ICE has been forced to release criminals who have been convicted of or charged with child rape, assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault against children, burglary, domestic violence, larceny, resisting arrest, driving drunk, drug possession and carrying prohibited weapons. These crimes are not minor, and the aliens forced to be released are not harmless aliens.

Additionally, under Biden’s direction, these dangerous illegal aliens are now being released from prison directly into the general public. Even under Obama, illegal aliens convicted of criminal actions within the United States who completed their prison sentences were still deported afterwards, but now the Biden administration is keeping these criminals in the United States, releasing them into America’s streets.

Effectively, the Administration’s reckless mandates have tied ICE’s hands behind their backs, fueling the raging crisis at the border and encouraging more illegal crossings. Additionally, Biden’s policies have placed an unbearable burden upon the communities and law enforcement of Texas.

The prosecution seeks a nationwide injunction that allows them to carry out the law, so that once again dangerous criminals can be deported and kept off of America’s streets. How tragic it is that law enforcement needs to seek authorization in this way to carry out the law.

Author: Jeannette Smith