Biden Blames Trump For His Losses — We Couldn’t Agree More

On Wednesday, Democrat President Joe Biden blamed the loss of his darling Terry Mcauliffe’s governor race in Virginia on “very conservative folks” who showed up at polling centers in districts that they weren’t expecting. This not only paints how voter sentiment has soured on Democrats in deep blue states such as Virginia but also undermines Biden’s belief that his Build Back Better plan might have changed the outcome of the election.

The president lamented the fact that he wasn’t able to pass his multi-trillion dollar spending plan in advance of election day. He second guessed himself on how consequential it might have been when he said that he wasn’t so sure about how the bills passage might have affected turnout amongst “Trump voters.” Biden spoke in response to a direct question about whether his $1.75 trillion spending bill would have made a difference. Even in the face of defeat, Biden mused “maybe, maybe.”

During the presidential campaign of 2020, Virginia carried Biden by over a 10 point lead. Biden dismissed the significance of the fact by saying that it was due to hatred of his opponent, Donald Trump. Clearly the results of the governor race disconfirm this theory.

Biden, considering the loss of Democrat seats all across the state of Virginia, not just the governor race, admitted that voters are clearly “upset and uncertain.” But Biden repeated that the cause of voter anxiety can be cured with his Build Back Better plan. The president is apparently clueless that his policies which destroyed jobs, energy independence, and pushed for illegal immigration and propaganda in public schools might make voters “upset and uncertain.”

The Virginia election foretells of America’s hunger for real leadership. Biden and the Democrats know that Trump voters won this election, and they are fearful that the same will happen in elections to come.

Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin’s victory over former Democrat governor McAuliffe is the first win of a Republican in a statewide election since 2009.

Despite a Democrat scramble for recounts and voter audits (how ironic), Biden urged the public to “accept the legitimacy” of the election, noting how Youngkin took “600,000 more votes” than any Democrat in history has received.

Author: Jim Donaldson