Archived CNN Video Leaks — Reveals Stunning Election Truth

A recent leak of a 2017 CNN report demonstrates just how easily United States voting machines could be hacked. This hidden footage comes straight from the organization which mocked Trump supporters for concerns over voter fraud in the 2020 election. However, they intended to use it as propaganda to suggest that cheating was involved in electing Trump over Clinton in 2016.

The exclusive report shows a DefCon Hacking Conference where professional hackers attempt to get into the same voting machines used in U.S. elections. According to the report, most hackers were able to get into the machines in an hour and a half.

Hackers at the event explain how easy it is to generate fake votes once the machine has been hacked into and compromised.

Another hacker referred to the voting system software as “ancient” and said that it would be very easy to fake election results.

The CNN report uses suggestive language to indicate that Russians were responsible for an illegitimate election of Donald Trump. But we all know how a real hacking duel would go down in an election fraud situation if Big Tech were to possibly be involved.


It’s an absolute outrage that our mainstream media refuses to fairly report instances of voter fraud in the 2020 election, but bothered to make a speculative deep dive into voter fraud after Hillary’s loss in 2016.

Author: Meghan Lindquist

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