Another Scandal For Hunter — His Dad Can’t Get Him Out Of This One

The DailyMail released newly obtained text messages belonging to Hunter Biden, showcasing his colorful vocabulary which includes lewd references to male anatomy and racial slurs.

Hunter apparently likes to frequently use the n-word, such as in conversations with his white lawyer to whom he said “n***a you better not [charge] me Hennessy rates.”

In the same text thread, Biden sent a lewd sexting photo to his lawyer, George Mesires, apologizing later for sending him the picture intended for “another friend named Georgia.”

In yet another conversation, Biden’s lawyer tried to answer Hunter’s questions about how to “find unconditional love,” by responding that “God loves you…[and] Beau loves you unconditionally” adding that “children are too young to understand” unconditional love. Hunter responded with a confusing and tragic message saying “OMG n***a did you just [use] a fictional character. . . and my dead brother’s love” adding that “my kids aren’t children George.”

During the exchange that followed these remarks, Hunter also claimed that his penis had recently been “un conditional,” “its big penis George,” adding “I only love you because you’re black.”

The lawyer responded that the messages were “so annoying” to which Biden responded “True dat n***a.”

Hunter Biden’s n-word use came days after his father, President Joe Biden, was decrying racism in America and calling for the country to “come to terms with its dark sides,” during the week of the Tulsa Race Massacre’s 100th anniversary.

These unearthed messages are not the first to give us an unflattering picture of Hunter Biden’s true character. Townhall reported in the past that other messages of his include information revealing that his ex-stripper baby mama was receiving his payroll while pregnant.

Notably, Hunter Biden is also well known for his corrupt involvement with a Ukrainian oil company, which his father covered up using his power and influence. Hunter has also popularly smoked parmesan cheese and was caught having lied on a background check to purchase a weapon, a gun which was negligently lost but recovered by the FBI who has his back.

Neither Hunter nor his lawyer gave a response to requests for comment from DailyMail about the text messages.

Author: Caleb Richardson