Another One Of Biden’s ‘Genius’ Plans Fails To Produce Results

Once again, another one of Biden’s plans is a total flop, and even Democrats are starting to worry that the big man doesn’t have a lot going on upstairs. A couple months ago, Biden made a decision to try and keep the Los Angela Port open 24/7, but big surprise, this hasn’t even made a dent across the board of the supply chain crisis and the difficulties that consumers and businesses all across the country are grappling with right now.

During a meeting in October, Biden met with union bosses, shipping officials and other business groups, where he promised a sprint for 90 days to help clear the path for all the cargo that is stranded in the ports of California. But the truth is, that warehousing and trucking companies aren’t taking advantage of this move by Biden. Why? Because they’re already working at capacity. They literally can’t move any more cargo with their staffing shortages and other logistical issues.

People all around the nation are feeling the effects of the supply chain bottlenecks. American businesses aren’t able to get their inputs and good for consumers are just not available to the general public. But Democrats have their heads up their butts about why this is even happening, so there’s no way to come up with a viable solution. Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary, continues to argue that the supply crisis is mostly due to how successfully Biden is handling the economy.

He says the ships are full of goods because Americans are buying and demanding goods at a never-before-seen rate. He says that the economy is up way more than it was before because Biden has guided America out of the jaw of some terrifying invisible recession that started under Trump. Right. He says the brunt of the issue is that there is so much money, and so many people ordering more than ever, that the ports are just not designed to push through that many goods, and they just can’t keep up.

Conservatives know the truth though, and multiple top-level Republicans have blasted Biden and Buttigieg for their obvious lies. But the liberal media will keep spreading them, and liberals will believe them as they blindly follow Biden and his clown car of an administration.

Author: Timothy Hampton