Another Democrat Abandons Team Blue As Progressives Sink Their Own Ship

Everyone knows the Democrats are bleeding blue right now, but they probably didn’t expect it to come from some of their top party members. A Democratic Representative from Texas, Ryan Guillen said on Monday, that he would be leaving the Democrat Party and making his way through politics as a Republican from now on.

He said that in Texas, many Democrats are waking up and understanding that the Democrat values coming out of Washington are not the values that the state of Texas holds. He made this announcement on a public platform, with Greg Abbott in attendance.

Guillen says he is proud to vote the way he has been, and to stop voting against his part.

Guillen has been a part of the legislature in Texas since 2003, and is constantly at odds with the Democrat party on key issues like gun rights and abortion. He has previously supported a constitutional carry bill and was a prime backer in the Heartbeat Act of Texas, a bill that bans abortions once there is a heartbeat detected.

He says that the decision comes after many prayers and considerations with his family. He says that his fiscal, pro-life and business values aren’t in line with the Democrats of today, and he is proudly going to run as a Republican for the House District 31.

For four of the past five sessions of legislature, Guillen has been rated as the most conservative in the Texas House among Democrats, in the fifth he got voted as 2nd.

GOP Chairman of the Texas GOP, Matt Rinaldi, said that he is in support of Guillen, who has been his friend for a number of years. He says he is proud to welcome Guillen as a Republican.

This is just yet another example of how the skyrocketing extremism that’s taking over the Democrat party is alienating moderate Democrats who are in favor of safe communities, smaller government, strong families and protecting the unborn. Rinaldi says that all people Democrats who feel that way will have a home in the Republican party.

It’s likely that this trend will continue into the 2022 elections, which has Democrats trembling, as they should be.

Author: Arnold Dyer