America’s Women Are Armed And Ready For Anything Biden Throws At Them

A dramatic cultural shift has taken place in America, and it is likely indicative of a political shift too. Biden should watch out, because women accounted for half of the new body of American gun owners of the past 27-month period of spiking firearm sales, which includes pressures from the pandemic, the presidential run-up, and Biden’s term so far. Researchers at Harvard and Northeastern show that the anti-gun rhetoric that Biden has been spouting is not having the intended consequence.

The study found that the firearms market, “long dominated by men,” as they put it, is now gender neutral as over 3.5 million new women became first-time gun buyers between the months of January 2019 and this last April. There are an additional 4 million first-time male gun buyers, adding a net 7.5 million gun owners to the U.S. in a very short period of time, and that’s just a conservative estimate. The report notes that in previous decades, surveys of gun owners showed that women accounted for between 10 and 20 percent of all guns.

Even more interesting is the failure of aggressive marketing by gun-control groups who have spent millions of dollars to recruit women. One notable example is Shannon Watts “Moms Demand Action” organization which was set up 8 years ago with the express purpose of outlawing American gun ownership. Eventually, it was absorbed by Billionaire Democrat Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, meaning that the organization received an enormous financial windfall to be sure.

Firearms across the spectrum of uses has continued to grow, with NICS checks reaching the all-time high of 40 million purchases in 2020, and that’s only those processed through official gun stores.

Both researchers and gun store owners say that the sale increase can be attributed to instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the violent BLM protests of the summer of 2020.

Still, the trend can be seen going all the way back to former President Barack Obama’s gun control push of 2009. NICS purchases for 2009 sat at 14 million, rising to 20.1 million just 5 years later in 2014.

During Trump’s presidency, sales actually declined and flattened compared with 2016, indicating that purchase motive may be partly a factor of the fear of future bans and the expectation of grandfather clauses in potential legislation.

The bottom line is that Biden and the Democrats are in trouble, as increasing numbers of Americans vote with their wallet and choose their Second Amendment rights over his lie-stuffed anti-gun propaganda. Biden faced a major political defeat when his radical nominee for head of the ATF, David Chipman, finally flamed out and resigned.

Author: Dominic Phelps