America’s Least Favorite Press Secretary Might Be Gone For Good

Jen Psaki, the press secretary for the White House, and Biden, just made an announcement that has conservatives everywhere standing at attention. It looks like Psaki just tested positive for the deadly COVID virus, even though was vaccinated against it.

Psaki stated that she didn’t go on an originally-planned foreign trip with Biden and his senior leadership team on Wednesday because someone is her household tested positive for the virus. Psaki made the decision with the medical team at the White House, that it was best if she stayed home.

Biden himself has tested negative for Coronavirus as late as Sunday, a report from Reuters said.

While Psaki originally tested negative for the virus on Wednesday-Saturday, she finally tested positive for it on Sunday.

Psaki says she hasn’t had any close contact with President Biden since Wednesday of last week, and she also hasn’t had any contract with the senior members of Biden’s White House. She said she tested negative for the virus for our days since her last contract with the President, and only disclosed the positive test for COVID out of an abundance of being transparent.

She said the last time she saw Biden was Tuesday, and that they sat more than the recommended 6 ft apart while wearing masks. Psaki says that her symptoms are very mild, thanks to the vaccine, and she will be working from home. She says that she will head back to work after her 10-day quarantine following a test where she is negative for COVID, which is the requirement of the White House. This goes beyond CDC recommendations, but the White House uses it to be extra cautious, probably because President Biden is so incredibly frail.

While Democrats tout their safety, they continually act in ways that are not in line with their own policies. Just last week, Biden coughed right into his hand after he gave a speech in new Jersey, and then went on to shake hands with all sorts of people in the public. And to top it all off, he did this while not wearing a mask.

Psaki says the public should not pay attention to the moments where they don’t follow guidance, but pay more attention to Biden’s policies. In other words, follow blindly little sheep.

Author: Xavier Johnson