America’s Largest Teachers Union Follows In Hitler’s Footsteps

Representatives of the nation’s largest teachers union, the National Education Association, recently passed a resolution that formally views and teaches that Israel is guilty of “military repression and ethnic cleansing.” The resolution echoes the sentiments of other teachers unions such as the American Federation of Teachers who claims that Jews are guilty for being “part of the ownership class.”

The resolution passed during the NEA’s annual representative meeting, and was crafted by NEA leaders who insist that the union must recognized and support the “sovereignty of Palestine.”

Palestine is not merely Gaza in the eyes of the NEA, but instead the entire region. NEA’s resolution declares that the entire Israeli state is “occupied Palestinian territory,” and demands that teachers make use of digital communications techniques to “educate… the general public about [Palestinian] history, culture, and struggles,” and in particular, spread propaganda that focuses on “the detention and abuse of children [within] Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

The resolution further demands that the NEA publish and highlight articles which recognize work done by members who hold such anti-Semitic… oops, “pro-Palestinian,” viewpoints. The NEA stressed that they must “protect the rights” of union members who take anti-Semitic stances.

The NEA is currently prepared to endorse an officially established Palestinian state pending committee review.

Uri Pilocowski, a writer for The Times of Israel states the obvious, pointing out that a Palestinian state “would pose a danger to Israel.” He explains particularly that a Palestinian state would “promote and turn a blind eye to terror,” and therefore should not be trusted as a state. Furthermore, no Palestinian state can be formed that excludes Hamas, who has vowed to destroy Israel at any cost, and so a Palestinian state would be a de-facto “terror organization.”

The NEA fell short of adopting a resolution that claimed support for Palestinian rocket attacks against Israel. The motion also referred to the terrorist attacks as a heroic effort by Arabs to throw off the shackles of dominance of the Israeli state.

The NEA has over 2 million members out of 3.2 million teachers in the U.S., so coming to a school near you is anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist education for your children. The case for homeschooling is growing every day as leftist whackos exert total dominance over the public educational system.

Author: Hector Wilson