America’s Favorite First Lady Launches An Initiative That Even Big Tech Can’t Stop

The 45th American First Lady, Melania Trump, has just launched a platform for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) today, auditioning a series of audiofile and digital artwork that represents the first of a series of limited edition “Melania’s Vision” NFTs. A portion of the proceeds goes to help Melania Trump’s efforts to support foster care children.

Exclusively through, Mrs. Trump will be releasing NFTs in regular intervals, with the first series available for purchase between December 16 and December 31 of this year. The project is currently being powered by Parler, a free-speech social media alternative to Leftist controlled mainstream sites.

NFTs are unique, non-interchangeable pieces of data that are stored on blockchains, a type of decentralized technology ledger that cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin and built on. NFTs allow a purchaser to demonstrate proof of ownership of digital or physical assets such as videos, pictures, and audio files.

NFTs essentially function as a cyber version of a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that the particular file in question is a verified original and not a fake or a copy.

The “Melania’s Vision” set includes a picture and audio message from Mrs. Trump. The NFT will be available through the Solana blockchain and is available for purchase with SOL, the cryptocurrency native to the platform. The price is one SOL, which has an estimated value of $175. Newcomers to cryptocurrencies can purchase SOL tokens using their credit cards directly through

Proceeds from the sale of the NFT collection will be used to provide foster children resources to help them excel in STEM fields.

Mrs. Trump plans to release new NFTs on a regular schedule, including items such as digital and physical artwork, as well as physical accessories of historic note, the first auctions of the latter type of item will take place in January.

Thanks to blockchain technology, NFTs are impossible to either control or censor except by the owner. The First Lady believes that blockchain technology is a critical element in creating a platform that allows creators to reach their audiences directly, bypassing the interference of censorious gatekeepers.

Author: Joshua McKinney