America’s #1 Governor Gives Stunning Family Update

Although Democrats have been hoping that Governor DeSantis’ wife would take a turn for the worse, it looks as though things might be looking up in the DeSantis household. Just last Friday, Ron DeSantis said he was quite hopeful and optimistic that his wife, Casey DeSantis, will be able to enjoy some of 2022 as a cancer-free woman.


DeSantis says they aren’t out of the woods yet, but that they appreciate all the prayers and people who care about her, and that it means a lot to them. DeSantis says that although he and Casey consider her medical issue to be quite private, he wants to keep the people who care about her in the loop. Her battle with breast cancer started in 2021, but DeSantis is quite optimistic it will end this year.


He says the battle isn’t over, but that they feel they’re getting closer to the end of it. He believes that by the end of 2022, his wife will likely be cancer free.

Democrats have put DeSantis on blast this year, claiming that he has been ‘absent’ amid the coronavirus surge. At least that’s the word from the Democrat Agricultural Commissioner in Florida, Nikki Fried. She is running in the upcoming 2022 gubernatorial race in Florida as the Democrat nominee, and a huge part of her platform is suggesting that DeSantis hasn’t been around since cases have surged. In reality, DeSantis has been busy taking care of his wife while she gets her treatments, and has attended most of them with her.


DeSantis says that he has a public schedule Democrats are welcome to look at, and that they shouldn’t assume he isn’t doing anything just because he isn’t having a huge press conference. Democrats even try to say that he’s been on ‘vacation.’ Actually, though, he’s been attending hospital visits with his cancer-ridden wife and doing his best to be a good husband, father and governor.


DeSantis says that although Casey is doing well overall, there are times where the cancer and treatments are taking a large toll on her, and that every day is different when it comes to how she feels. Democrats claim to be the party of compassion, but they prove time and time again that they are the party of callousness.


Author: Derek Neebly