America Can’t Survive Biden’s Policies, And Everyone Knows It

After 100 days in office, President Joe Biden has come out with one of the worst approval ratings in American history.

At a paltry 52% approval rate, Biden scores the lowest since 1945, when Harry Truman lost public support for his dismissal of General Douglas MacArthur and his decision to engage in the Korean War.

The poll was conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post, revealing that the Democrats’ hope of a unifying and popular leader have been smashed against the reality of American disapproval.

The average approval rating of president’s 100 days into office is 66%, placing Biden 14 points behind.

Approval ratings for handling of the economy and his administration’s infrastructure package sits at 52%, but Biden’s major loss of public support comes from his mishandling of the southern border. Only 37% of Americans polled said that they approved of Biden’s management of the border crisis.

A large percentage of respondents also expressed negative views of Biden for his expansion of the size of government, and considers the President to be “too liberal.”

The takeaway from the data is that Biden’s chances of re-election are slim to none, and that Americans are not enthusiastic about the next 3 3/4 years.

Author: Marvin Davis

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