Alec Baldwin Goes AWOL After Accidentally Saying Too Much

By now you’ve probably seen the bombshell interview that Alec Baldwin did on ABC with George Stephanopoulos last Thursday. During the interview, Baldwin discussed what happened on the set of “Rust,” his brand-new western drama. Baldwin now feels that he said too much, though. The actor deactivated one of his accounts that was verified with Twitter this past Sunday. It’s the twitter account where he had first posted a statement of his sadness and shock over Halyna Hutchins, the 41yo cinematographer.

Baldwin also has another verified Twitter account, but it hasn’t been used since the 19th of October. Other Twitter account that Baldwin is associated with are limiting those that can engage with the accounts.

These other Twitter accounts have gone completely dark or were set to be a private account. The accounts in question are his actor’s foundation account, as well as his wife’s. They’ve been restricting account access to only followers that are approved since the beginning of November.

While he was interviewing with Stephanopoulos, Alec Baldwin repeatedly insisted that he didn’t pull the trigger while holding the revolver which ultimately shot and killed Hutchins. Baldwin said he was holding the gun and that it was cocked, and that after he put the hammer down, it somehow misfired.

He said he didn’t pull the trigger and that he would never have pointed a gun at someone before pulling a trigger. He said he never did, that he just let go of the gun’s hammer and it went off.

Baldwin also says that he isn’t experiencing any remorse over the death of his coworker because he doesn’t feel that he’s responsible for her death. He said that someone is responsible, but it’s not him.

Legal experts, however, say the interview was likely a mistake, as there is still an ongoing investigation. Him admitting that there is someone that should be blamed, even though he says it’s not him, could be used in court against him later. Alec is a producer on the film, and could be held responsible due to his position of superiority. Either way, his interview was likely a huge mistake on his part.

Author: Lilly Carter