Abbott Promises To Arrest Over 50 Rogue Democrats

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, said on Monday night to Fox News, that the democrats that fled Texas to halt a legitimate democratic process from happening will soon face the music and be arrested as soon as they set their feet back into Texas. Governor Abbott said he will personally make sure they are hauled back to the Capitol to do their jobs.

Over 50 Democrats left Texas on numerous private planes so that there wouldn’t be enough lawmakers present for a number of bills to be passed, namely voter integrity bills, laws that would keep girls from being forced to compete in sports with biological males, funding for the arrest and detainment of illegal aliens, abortion laws and a crackdown of the controversial Critical Race Theory that is currently being taught in school.

Abbot said that Democrats running from a fight is one of the most un-Texas things he’s ever heard and that the entire lot of them are quitters. He said it would be like a baseball or football game, if the other team just took all their equipment and abandoned the field. Abbott says that just isn’t the way that Texans should do things.

Abbott says that Texas has special sessions that the governor calls that last 30 days, and that he has every intention of calling session after session until the Democrats stop this ridiculousness and step up to give their vote.

Abbott says that they’re operating under a false thesis, because the new law doesn’t keep anyone from voting, but actually helps people vote and adds additional hours for those who can’t make standard voting hours. The bill would take Texas’ 12 days of early voting and increase the hours on each of those days. Abbott said that in Delaware, where President Biden himself voted, they have no early voting, and that if someone wants to say there’s voter suppression, they should talk to Delaware, not Texas.

Abbott also noted that lawmakers were really just using a filibuster in Texas while in the midst of asking the President to do away with the filibuster in Washington. Talk about hypocrisy. In effect, Democrats are using taxpayer dollars to fund their private jets and skirt their responsibilities. So they’re using taxpayer dollars to pay themselves for not doing their jobs. Nice.

Author: Billy Rundy