Abbot Tells Biden To Step Aside, He’ll Take Things From Here

Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, gave the perfect response to President Joe Biden’s plan to ramp up oil purchases from OPEC.

Biden and his administration attempted to shift the blame for rapidly increasing gasoline prices on the global oil market rather than their policies which hamstring domestic energy production or their spending initiatives that have resulted in massive inflation.

Biden put a pause on federal leases for oil and natural gas drilling on day one in office, in addition to canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline which would have allowed oil to flow from Canada to the U.S., rather than needing it shipped overseas.

As prices at the pump continue to skyrocket, Biden pleaded to OPEC leaders that they ramp up sales to the U.S. to get the American economy through the “critical moment” of recovery.

But Abbott has a better plan. “Dear White House… Texas can do this” he tweeted. He declared that Texas oil producers could easily provide the amount of required oil, if the Biden administration would simply “stay out of the way.”

Abbot pleaded that Biden allow the oil to be sourced from American labor rather than OPEC, and added that the product would cost less than that drilled and delivered across the globe. Furthermore, he told Biden not to leave America dependent on foreign energy sources.

Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor gave a statement on Wednesday that laid out the dismal situation. It explains how oil prices are at levels worse than in 2019, and how despite production increase from OPEC, they are insufficient to meet the demand of a recovering post-pandemic economy. The statement goes on to state that Biden is pushing to create an oil market that is reliable and stable through OPEC.

All of this wouldn’t be necessary if Biden had allowed Trump’s policies to continue. America experienced, for the first time in history, complete energy independence under the Trump administration. Such independence allowed the U.S. to be free of sourcing energy from foreign and oftentimes hostile sources of gas and oil.

Author: Robert Perry