7 Blood-Boiling Items Hidden Inside Biden’s Trillion-Dollar Socialist Wish-List

Republicans from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform released a list of seven items they claim were carefully hidden within Democrat President Joe Biden’s massive multi-trillion dollar spending agenda which the committee described as belonging on a “socialist wish-list.”

Democrats within the Senate and House have so far failed to garner enough common ground to pass Biden’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal. They are also at a complete impasse regarding the Build Back Better Act, a 10-year budget plan that massively expands the welfare state and started with a price tag of $3.5 trillion.

Progressive Democrats hope to increase the nation’s debt by $5 trillion, but are currently blockaded by demands from moderate Democrats Joe Manchin (WV) and Krysten Sinema (AZ).

The hidden items buried in the bloat of paperwork include the following.

1. Bailouts for failing liberal establishments, mainstream media, and handouts for the wealthy.

Democrats were hoping to give wealthy families as well as corrupt organizations massive tax breaks and needless handouts. Biden’s plan would give elite universities massive tax breaks and offer families earning over $800,000 an amount of $118,000 in credits. Additionally, liberal news networks would be given a massive bailout, since they lost massive viewership by wearing their politics on their sleeve during the Trump presidency.

2. A secret “Green New Deal” that targets small businesses.

The Committee called Biden’s “Build Back Better Act” a Green New Deal in disguise, citing how it saddles hard-working Americans with massive debt in order to pursue an agenda set by “jobless climate activists.”

The bill would give over $34 billion in government subsidies to “green” organizations.

3. The IRS would become a weapon of the state.

President Biden’s plan would more than double the current number of IRS agents. For what purpose? “To target American families and businesses,” according to the committee. A whopping $80 billion is slated for the IRS to expand their banking surveillance programs and spy on everyday, working class Americans.

4. Taxing American energy independence into oblivion.

The statement explains the continued assault by Democrats to attack “clean, reliable, and affordable… energy production.” Biden’s plan would massively tax natural gas, increasing energy costs for millions of American households. Those tax dollars would then directly fund renewable energy sources only affordable by wealthy households.

5. Sneaking an immigrant amnesty provision into a budget resolution.

Hidden within the Democrats $5 trillion in spending was a blanket amnesty proposal which would have naturalized 8 million illegal immigrants. This represents, according to the committee, that the Democrats have nor respect for our laws and would elevate human traffickers who have repeatedly broken our laws.

6. Biden’s agenda has money on the side for “socialist pet projects.”

Socialist slush funds worth $20 billion are set aside in the bill to fund special environmental and social projects in Democrat districts such as that of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

7. Biden’s agenda disenfranchises rural Americans.

For $5 trillion in taxpayer spending, not a cent would go toward commonsense issues like crop insurance, rural broadband, disaster assistance, or anything which could bolster small business and rural communities.

Democrats have entirely abandoned non-city populations, and plan to create clean-energy, equitable, egalitarian utopia’s on the backs of hardworking Americans in rural parts of the country.

Author: Darla Matthews