2nd Largest Police Force Goes Down In Flames Thanks To Biden

The first major test in America of a vaccine mandate being thrust upon municipal employees will be happening this weekend in Chicago, were half of the city’s police force has prepared themselves to defy the mandate by not reporting their vaccine status.

City employees and officers that fail to supply their vaccine status by Friday will, according to the mayor’s office, be put on no pay non-disciplinary status.

John Catanzara, the President of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police warned that the city would soon find itself with “50% or less” of its normal police force this coming weekend. Catanzara said that the nobody in the city possessed the authority to mandate either disclosure of personal medical history or the vaccine mandate. The union has sued the city in court to halt the mandate’s enforcement.

At the moment, the mandate requires only that officers submit their vaccine status, but it’s assumed that this is the first step before a true vaccine mandate with a deadline is put in place.

This confrontation will prove to be a major test as cities across the country attempt to force vaccine mandates that put employees at risk of loss of pay or even their jobs. When Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked what the consequences might be if half of the police force was uncooperative she dismissed the idea saying that she didn’t “expect that to happen,” and instead pushed past the question and insisted that city employee’s have a “duty [to] make sure… they get vaccinated.”

Lightfoot essentially has no plan in place if the walkout turns into a reality. Her mettle will be tested soon, and if she backs down, then she will be open to a flood of lawsuits from more unions.

What officers remain on the Chicago police force despite all of the vitriol that the left has spewed upon them in the past year and a half is more than mere fealty to a political leader or union. These officers are truly sticking it out to watch each other’s backs, and because their community depends on them.

But if Lightfoot stabs them in the back over getting a needle in the arm, she might well find herself without any means of protecting the city this coming Monday.

Author: Linda Caldwell